100+ Best Io Games To Play Online In 2020 – Tu 13 Dekh

.io games are one of the most popular forms of online games. An io game is generally a multiplayer game under the .io domain which is a country code top-level domain for the British Indian Ocean, just like India uses .in. and Canada uses .ca. If you are thinking that io stands for input/output then you are wrong in this case. These games are completely free to play and they are browser level games. So let’s have a look at which are the Best io Games To Play Online.

The biggest advantage of playing .io games is that it doesn’t involve the installation of any kind of setup. It is easily accessible to everyone. All you have to do is just open the web browser, select the best .io games according to you, and start playing. The thing that is required while playing these types of games is a good internet connection and a handy smartphone that is compatible enough to play the best io games. These games don’t involve high graphics. They are equipped with low-end graphics that will require minimum mechanisms. The games are multiplayer games so it involves a different kind of competency and brings thrill in playing.

100+ Best io Games To Play Online

Here is a list of Best io Games to Play Online and have fun time.

  1. Agar.io
  2. Slither.io
  3. Seadragons.io
  4. Junon.io
  5. Trapz.io
  6. Crazysteve.io
  7. Magicbombs.io
  8. Wanderers.io
  9. Stolk.io
  10. Copter.io
  11. Doblons.io
  12. Relmz.io
  13. Doomz.io
  14. Dynast.io
  15. Throwz.io
  16. Witz.io
  17. Spaceguard.io
  18. Gunbox.io
  19. Tileman.io
  20. Slush.io
  21. Traitors.io
  22. Germs.io
  23. Drawar.io
  24. Doomed.io
  25. Blastarena.io
  26. Hexar.io
  27. Gulper.io
  28. Fightz.io
  29. Aquar.io
  30. Kize.io
  31. Boas.io
  32. Gifthunter2.io
  33. Tricksplit.io
  34. Limax.io
  35. Battlefields.io
  36. Tetrads.io
  37. Bruh.io
  38. Wilds.io
  39. Gallons.io
  40. Speedboats.io
  41. Gats.io
  42. Brutal.io
  43. Paper.io 2
  44. Warbot.io
  45. Zombs.io
  46. Wings.io
  47. Hole.io
  48. Krunker.io
  49. Skribbl.io
  50. Mope.io
  51. Lordz.io
  52. Deeeep.io
  53. Raid.Land
  54. Krunker.io
  55. Skribbl.io
  56. Little Big Snake
  57. Shapez.io
  58. Litemint.io
  59. Shell Shockers
  60. Crowded City.io
  61. Superhex.io
  62. Stabfish.io
  63. Moomoo.io
  64. Brutal.io
  65. Evowars.io
  66. Bois.io
  67. Surviv.io
  68. Mope.io
  69. Craftnite.io
  70. Zombsroyale.io
  71. Snowball.io
  72. Flyordie.io
  73. Starblast.io
  74. Antwar.io
  75. Starve.io
  76. Boxz.io
  77. Lordz2.io
  78. Killer.io
  79. Brutalmania.io
  80. War brokers
  81. Ducklings
  82. Minigiants.io
  83. Tyran.io
  84. Devast.io
  85. Braains.io
  86. Castlesiege.io
  87. Smash karts
  88. Creatur.io
  89. Buildroyale.io
  90. Squadd.io
  91. Krew.io
  92. Shootup.io
  93. Rugby.io
  94. Defly.io
  95. Sea Ride
  96. Bigmonsterz.io
  97. Ninja.io
  98. Aquapark.io
  99. Oceanar.io
  100. Kugeln.io
  101. Warscrap.io
  102. Gunzer.io
  103. Black Hole.io
  104. Snow War.io
  105. Robostorm.io
  106. Nightpoint.io
  107. Swordz.io
  108. Tanksmith.io
  109. Hordes.io
  110. Yorg.io
  111. Blocktanks.io
  112. Foes.io
  113. Noob.io
  114. Drednot.io
  115. Raaaaft.io
  116. Gats.io
  117. Poweline.io
  118. Wormszone.io

.io games have now become very popular since the pandemic. It is a great medium to have fun and it is always worth your time. These games can be a great time pass if you are waiting at the airport, railway station, or even while traveling when you are having nothing else to do. Unlike other smartphone games, the biggest advantage of playing these games is that it won’t cost much of your smartphone’s battery.

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Are io Games Secured to Play?

It was found that Slither.io added an adware virus in some systems. The online version of Slither is completely safe but the desktop version might be dangerous as it may contain some suspicious files. Be careful while installing the game as it might bring some spyware as well as malware in your system.


So this was our list of 100+ Best io Games to Play Online. Which one is your favorite .io game? Please mention it in the comment section below.

If you think we have missed out on any of the io games that should have made it to the list, then let us know by mentioning the name in th comment section.

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